ND slams minister for saying Greece’s inclusion in QE is a ‘secondary’ issue

New Democracy strongly criticized State Minister Christoforos Vernardakis on Tuesday for saying that the issue of Greece’s inclusion in the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing is a “secondary” issue for the country, noting that these statements are “irresponsible and opportunistic”.

“Since October 2016, Mr. [Alexis] Tsipras stated it was ‘absolutely imperative’ to enter quantitative easing. Mr. [Yiannis] Dragasakis had stated it was imperative to be included in quantitative easing by March 2017, so as not to miss the deadline for returning to the markets in 2018. Now Mr. Vernardakis says Greece’s inclusion … is a secondary issue. Their behavior is irresponsible and opportunistic,” the party said.

Speaking to Real FM radio station earlier in the day, Vernardakis was quoted as saying: “Quantitative easing is a minor issue at the moment. It does not follow that if we are not included in March, there will be no life after this.”