ND spokesman: Every time the government negotiates, the people are trembling with fear

Newly appointed New Democracy (ND) spokesman Vassilis Kikilias sternly attacked the government on Thursday in an interview with private SKAI TV and reiterated his party’s request for general elections.

“Every time the government negotiates, the people are trembling with fear. It is a matter of inadequacy, trust, efficiency and management. This country and its people deserve better than this,” said Kikilias.

He also said that after the general elections and regardless of the result, ND will seek the larger possible social alliance.

He stressed the the only way to avoid further cuts in pensions and salaries, the insurance system to be saved and to boost labour is investments and reforms.

ND spokesman also commented government’s actions on issues of foreign policy and particularly on the recent developments with Turkey and its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements.

“The day government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said that there is no such issue (Erdogan’s statement), at the same time the Foreign Ministry gave a tough answer to Erdogan and Mr. Tsipras (Alexis, prime minister) was calling Erdogan and asked for a meeting. What is happening to this government,” he asked and reiterated ND’s request to hold a Foreign Policy Council.