ND spokeswoman calls on prime minister to guarantee his majority in parliament

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras must come to the Greek parliament to look for a new majority, since his coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader Panos Kammenos will vote down the Prespes Agreement, main opposition spokeswoman Maria Spyraki told News 24/7 radio station on Wednesday.

“Kammenos and his ministers’ withdrawal from the coalition government creates new data,” the New Democracy (ND) representative said. If Tsipras cannot guarantee a majority government, “he will have no political legitimacy.”

Spyraki reiterated that ND will also “not ratify the Prespes Agreement, either in this or the next parliament, in which it will hold the majority,” and once the Greek side does not ratify it, the Agreement will cease to exist.

Asked to comment on statements by former prime minister Costas Simitis in an interview to Vima where he predicted that Greece will need to resort to borrowing from ESM, she replied, “We have repeatedly noted that every day this government stays in power it harms Greece, and this is evident from the very thin growth rates Greece is exhibiting, compared to other European countries which have completed their adjustment prorammes.”

“A country of normalcy requires jobs and high growth rates,” she noted, and criticised government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos for hanging on to hope to the last. If he doesn’t believe in polls showing a wide lead of ND over SYRIZA, she said, then at least he should “take a look at what’s happening out there.” “I came back from holidays in Thessaloniki and can assure you that Tzanakopoulos’ assessments bear no relation to reality,” she said.