ND submits findings to Parliamentary Committee on Henry Dunant hospital

Main opposition party New Democracy submitted its findings to the parliamentary Committee of Inquiry set up to probe into the events that led to the bankruptcy of the “Erikos Dinan” (Henry Dunant) Hospital.

The party concludes that “none of the politicians involved in the case of Henry Dunant are in any way liable”, explaining that the decisions of the persons involved need to be assessed within context and that the benefit-to-cost ratio for the Greek State Treasury and the hospital’s creditors and workforce have to be taken into account.

ND’s findings on the Henry Dunant affair are contained in a 53-page-long document, which chronicles how the hospital came to a dire economic state and its subsequent bankruptcy. It also explains the rationale behind the legislative amendment passed by the 2014 ND-majority parliament, which allowed the automatic transfer of the right to operate the hospital to the entity winning the bid in the case of a forced sale of a private clinic. Additionally, the report gives an account of the various developments with the lending banks, which includes Piraeus Bank, currently responsible for the hospital.

Findings were also submitted by other parties.