ND: The government is ushering in the New Year with more tax hikes

The government is ushering in the New Year with more tax hikes and pension and wage cuts for Greeks, New Democracy said in a press release on Monday, referring to the new set of consumption and special taxes which took effect on January.

“With the start of 2017, the SYRIZA-ANEL government puts its signature to even more harder and painful measures, continuing the vicious circle of austerity. Citizens understand that their daily lives will never improve with Mr. Tsipras. As long as the SYRIZA-ANEL government remains in place, things will deteriorate,” the party said.

The tax increases will increase the price of coffee, tobacco, car and heating fuel, telephone calls, broadband internet and subscription TV. The government is also introducing pension and wage cuts, ND continued.

“Tsipras’ New Year gift includes an abolition of EKAS [benefit for low income pensioners], crippling insurance contributions of 26.95 pct, abolition of heating oil benefit, decrease in wages of special payrolls which affects from doctors to uniformed employees, abolition of tax exemptions and reduction of family allowances and welfare benefits,” ND added, and reiterated its call for elections.