ND: The reshuffle will only be interesting for a few hours – The country remains depressed

New Democracy spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos on Friday described the government’s imminent reshuffle as “futile”, saying it will be interesting only for a few hours.

Speaking to radio station “Parapolitika”, Koumoutsakos said the country needs a reshuffle of the prime minister which is why “we insist on our position that there’s a need for elections.”

“And this can only be done by the people, with their votes,” he said. “The reshuffle will only be interesting for a few hours. It doesn’t change the facts. The country remains depressed and society without prospect.”

The spokesman said SYRIZA and ANEL seek to stay in power at any cost adding that there might be elections in the future. “A government majority is a feasible target for ND. However we will seek cooperation with forces that contribute to the national effort,” he added.