New Democracy: Tsipras has lost mandate on decisions affecting Greece’s future

Any decision taken by the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras “will not be binding for the country in the future,” New Democracy (ND) said on Tuesday, following the premier’s decision on Sunday that he is calling snap elections because of disappointing results in Europarliament elections.

“Under the weight of his loss, Tsipras announced that he intends to call for national elections immediately after the second round of local elections,” the main opposition party said in a statement, referring to the June 2 round. “It goes without saying, therefore, that his government, being under a time limit and for basic political and ethical reasons, cannot possible make decisions that will be binding for Greece in the near future,” it added, “especially in terms of crucial decisions related to the leadership in Justice.”

On Tuesday evening, the government spokesman announced that elections will be held on July 7, pending a meeting of Tsipras with the president of Greece.