ND: Tsipras is in difficult position because of the content of the Agreement

“Mr Tsipras is in a very difficult position because of the content of the Agreement,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) sources said on Friday commenting on the speech of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Parliament during the discussion of the Prespes Agreement.

“His argument that previous governments have discussed a compound name with a geographical designation for all and he was the one to achieve it is totally unfounded. It is obvious that if we wanted to do it, we would have done it since 2008. We did not get such an Agreement because we never accepted to concede the language and ethnicity,” the same sources said and added:

“Mr. Tsipras made a long speech on his past and his relation to the communist tradition. But he did not explain the reasons for it and why he was in such a hurry. I hope he will explain us tomorrow.”

“The concession of the Macedonian language and ethnicity are not legal details,” he concluded.