ND: Vyron Polydoras does not meet the requirements that NCRTV demands

New Democracy, regarding the government proposition for V. Polydoras to head NCRTV, shows little signs of being swayed toward consensus, and called for new legislation, which it said ND will immediately table in Parliament, that returns to the NCRTV all the powers envisioned under the Constitution.

“The appointment to the NCRTV of persons of recognised standing will follow immediately afterward,” it said.

“The government, trapped in deadlocks of its own creation, appears to be desperate. It must comply with the CoS decision that judged the Pappas law unconstitutional instead of playing communications games,” the announcement said. The court’s decision did not concern the people that will make up the NCRTV but the unconstitutional transfer of powers from the NCRTV to the minister, it pointed out.

“In any case, as all know, the person of Mr. Vyron Polydoras proposed by Mr. Tsipras for the chair of the NCRTV does not meet the requirements that the institution demands,” ND added.