ND: We won over the 17-24 age group, civil servants in Sunday’s election

New Democracy party came first among both the country’s youth (17-24 years of age) and civil servants, said a Monday evening party statement analysing its electoral win in the European, regional and municipal elections in Greece on Sunday.

In the 17-24 age group, it said, ND received 27.2 pct of the votes, compared to SYRIZA’s 25.3 pct. The same age group had given ND a mere 16.5 pct and SYRIZA a 42.9 pct in the 2015 national elections.

The party said it prevailed in several and varied groups of voters, including retirees, students and housewives. It also came first among civil servants with a 4.8 lead over SYRIZA, when in 2015 ND was defeated by 9.7 pct.

Greek private sector workers also gave New Democracy an 8.8 pct lead over SYRIZA in these European elections, when in 2015 it had lagged behind by 14.1 pct, said the party’s press release.