ND’s Hatzidakis: Government’s celebrations not reflecting reality

The government has a tendency to celebrate but reality avenges itself, main opposition New Democracy Vice President Kostis Hatzidakis told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Monday.

Hatzidakis said that under the government’s logic, pensioners will not have their pensions further reduced in 2019, workers will not lose a month’s pay due to a reduction in the reduced tax-exemption ceiling, and taxpayers will not continue to feel the pressure to 2060 to pay for the primary surpluses.

Speaking about the completion of the fiscal adjustment program on August 20 (today), Hatzidakis said, “The government has a tendency to celebrate but reality is exacting its revenge. Following their own loan agreements (memoranda), Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus regained access to the markets directly, without crutches and assistance.”

On the contrary, this government, he said, “managed to have a third memorandum followed by a fourth one containing a series of tough commitments for the country.”