ND’s leader should adopt clear position on IMF demands, PM’s office says

New Democracy’s leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis must clearly state whether he is asking the government to accept the International Monetary Fund’s “unreasonable demands” for an additional 4.5 billion euros in austerity measures after the end of the programme, the prime minister’s press office said in a press release on Friday.

“Once again Mr. Mitsotakis reveals his political nature. On the one hand his insistence on predicting doom and on the other hand his shameless willingness to implement even the most extreme, anti-social policies. Just as the IMF’s extreme demands will remain on paper, so will Mr. Mitsotakis’ little speeches, as a bad reminder of a bankrupt political system that refuses to accept its historic defeat,” the announcement said.

Instead of once again betting on disaster and prevaricating, Mitsotakis should finally adopt a clear position, the announcement added, since ND’s leader had himself stated that “the important thing is to find a solution.”

According to the prime minister’s office, an international-level confrontation between the IMF and the European institutions was underway with the Greek programme as its focus. In this confrontation, it added, Mitsotakis was joining ranks with the more extreme lenders to blame the Greek government “even though this has met, to the letter, both the programme targets and its commitments to the Greek people.” It also noted that “while everyone in the Eurogroup has officially recognised the excellent course of economic indices and revenues, [Mitsotakis] comes to revive – helping who exactly? – the groundless scenarios about the country’s exit from the Eurozone.”