ND’s shadow defence minister Kikilias reacts on Turkish Foreign ministry’ statement

It is “the first time that the Turkish government is claiming Turkish sovereignty at Imia islets through a foreign ministry statement,” Vassilis Kikilias,shadow defence minister

for main opposition New Democracy (ND), said on Wednesday, in an interview with Real FM.

He stressed that “Greece is seeking peace and good neighborly relations, but Turkey must understand that Greek people and Greek Armed Forces are as one, and we will not accept any questioning of our national sovereignty.”

Kikilias added, “There are diplomatic paths, we are satisfied with the announcement made by the European Council,” and noted that tourism is at the forefront of Greece’s economy and it should be protected.

The ND deputy noted that the Turkish economy is under great pressure, and this causes many problems. “The preparation of the Greek side in relation to the EU and its energy policy is important. And we must not constantly run after a major event and problem, but we must build strategically, anticipate (problems) and prevent them.”