ND’s Spyraki: Floros was released under laws passed by SYRIZA

Reports in the newspaper “Documento” targeting main opposition New Democracy and people close to the party’s leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis will not go unanswered, ND spokesperson Maria Spyraki said on Monday. In radio interviews with Skai and Real, she dismissed the reports as a mud-slinging operation that misrepresented the facts and said it was “absolutely politically linked to the prime minister and his office.”

The interested parties would have legal recourse, she added, regarding the reports about links between a lawyer that had worked for convicted criminal Aristidis Floros and Mitsotakis. She pointed out that the lawyer, while related to the Mitsotakis family, was one of many firms that had worked for Floros in Greece, while “Documento” failed to mention that he had discovered the illegal activities and testified against Floros at trial, helping ensure his conviction.

Floros had gone to jail when ND was in power, she added, and was released under laws passed by SYRIZA, while the government was adopting a press report that left out “inconvenient” parts of the story.

Asked whether ND will also take legal action over the “Documento” article, she said that ND will wait for the condemnation of the present prime minister and his government in the polls. A more serious issue revealed by Floros’ release, she added, were the problems with the ‘Paraskevopoulos’ law passed by SYRIZA. “We are still waiting for the government to answer how many were released on the basis of the special provision of the Paraskevopoulos law and how many received certifications of disability from the disability certification centre for mental illnesses,” she added.