ND’s Staikouras: ‘Government sets the bar high then passes beneath it’

Greece’s review was not yet completed because the government had still not implemented a series of prior actions included in the agreement with the country’s lenders, main opposition New Democracy’s sector head for economic affairs Christos Staikouras said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

The government suffered from illusions and “was constantly setting the bar high, then forever passing beneath it,” Staikouras said. He expressed hope, however, that a solution will be found soon that leads to a completion of the review and decisions for specific measures to relieve Greece’s debt.

“A further delay in the completion of the review will mean an even greater burden on the real economy, which has already been deprived of 13.3 billion euros in funds due to the many months of delay,” he added.

Failure to make the debt measures specific, he said, could create additional difficulties when Greece attempts to resume borrowing from the markets on realistic terms.

According to Staikouras, finally, the government’s goal was to “remain in power a little longer, at any cost, in any way and by any means.”