Nearly 2,000 migrants and refugees arrived on Lesvos in September

The number of migrants arriving on Lesvos (Mytilini) in September almost doubled from the August figures, according to official sources.

From September 1 to 25, arrivals on the border island totalled 1,913 (1,053 in August for the same period). In another border island, Chios, totals remained low (411), compared to Samos, which saw an increase (789).

Overall, 3,109 migrants arrived at the islands of the North Aegean from September 1 to 25, joining those already waiting processing theres.

The Turkish Coast Guard intervened in 61 incidents from September 1 to 25, they said on their web page, and it returned to Turkey 2,619 refugees and migrants on dinghies who had not yet left Turkish territorial waters. In all of August, they reported, they had intervened in 49 incidents, returning to Turkey 2,106 individuals.