Neorion Shipyards faces strike mobilizations

Neorion Shipyards is battling to resume normal operations amid labour unrest and lack of liquidity.

“We are in despair as many of my colleagues have not been paid for 15-17 months. We will resort to some kind of mobilization unless there is an immediate solution to our problem,” Manthos Evangelos, head of workers’ union in the shipyard told ANA on Tuesday.

He added that workers and their families have reached a dead-end and demanded from all interested parties a solution to be found on the financial and ownership status. The around 300 workers in the shipyard demand a safeguarding of their wages, job positions and the installations of the shipyards for the supply of electricity and water. They also asked for an immediate state intervention and a solution in changing the ownership of the shipyard.

Nikos Tavoularis, owner of the Elefsis and Neorion Shipyards, in a letter to workers said the shipyard needed to resume its normal operations in order to overcome current dead-ends and to attract investors and proposed a series of measures towards this direction.

“Neorion shareholders will not raise any hurdle to any solution safeguarding the continuation of its operations,” he said in the letter.