New attempt to form National Council for Radio & Television at parliament presidents’ meeting on Monday

There will be another attempt to arrive at consensus and the formation of a new National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) on Monday afternoon, following the government’s decision to propose a former minister that served in a main opposition New Democracy government, Vyron Polydoras, to head the Council.

Asked to forecast the outcome, given ND’s rejection of Polydoras’ candidacy, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis noted only that “we will know tomorrow night what will happen tomorrow.”

He was replying to questions on the sidelines of a SYRIZA event at the National Resistance monument in Thessaloniki to mark the anniversary of the city’s liberation from Nazi occupation troops in 1944.

In response to questions about whether Polydoras was able to enable a consensus, Voutsis replied:

“There is consensus about restoring collective memory and the need to restore the social fabric after so many years of painful policies in order to exit the crisis. This is what counts now.”