New bill on electromobility to be presented to the cabinet on Thursday

The main guidelines of the electromobility bill that will foresee incentives for the acquisition of electric vehicles will be presented at Thursday’s cabinet meeting, Environment and Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said, speaking to radio Real FM on Wednesday.

“There will be incentives via a special programme that aims to support all those interested in buying electric cars, so they will have a discount on market prices. This discount will be the same, whether you buy an expensive car or a cheap car, because we do not want to support the wealthiest,” he said.
Subsidies for electric scooters and bicycles will be generous because “we want to create an opening for two-wheeled vehicles, especially for bicycles, because we care about the younger generation and we care about bicycles,” he added.

The minister also announced that the installation of charging stations will proceed at the same time, while the government was also examining the possibility of an incentives package to promote the production of charging stations and batteries for electric vehicles in Greece, in order to generate new jobs.