New Cold Front Sweeps Through Greece

The National Observatory in Athens is warning of severe weather for much of Greece beginning today. In the wake of cold front Zenobia, temperatures are expected to drop again according to Meteo.

Snow is forecast in mountainous areas of Attica, Magnesia, eastern central Greece, northeast Peloponnese, and in eastern Crete. The service warns of winds reaching 9 on the Beaufort scale (41-47 knots).

The reports say Attica will see scattered rains, sleet and snow in the mountainous areas by noon. Temperatures in central Athens will range from 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, with gale-force winds sweeping through the region later in the day.

Better weather is forecast in Thessaloniki, with sunshine and low temperatures in the city center ranging from -1 to 6 degrees.

On Crete, high temperatures will be mostly below 10-12 degrees, with widespread strong showers throughout the day. The current Crete weather situation shows temperature is 10 degrees Celcius in Heraklion, and the overnight low is expected to be between 8 and 9 degrees. Winds off Crete are expected to peak at 8 on the Beauford scale.

Of particular importance is a small craft advisory over the winds in the Aegean which will blow from the north reaching 9 Beaufort. The Ionian winds will blow originally from the eastern direction at 4 to 6, and in the south locally up to 7 Beaufort. In the afternoon these winds will become intense in the north.