New cold snap sweeps the country – Temperatures are expected to be near or below freezing

Temperatures are expected to plummet throughout the country over the weekend, as a cold snap starting in northern Greece works its way south to blanket the entire country, including the islands of the Aegean and Crete.

Temperatures on Saturday are expected to be near or below freezing, with the most severe cold forecast in the north and eastern parts, which have been in the grip of a cold snap since the first snowfall on Thursday night.

Vehicles needed snow chains to negotiate the roads in several parts of the country on Friday.

Overcast skies, frost and snow forecast on Saturday

A cold spell with overcast skies and snow is forecast for most parts of Greece on Saturday, with the more severe weather expected in northern and eastern parts of the country, including gale-force northerly winds at sea. Winds will blow from northerly directions, ranging from 4-8 Beaufort, while temperatures will range from -10C to 0C in the north, -4C to 5C in the western mainland and Ionian sea, -4C to 3C in eastern and central Greece and from 2C to 8C on the Aegean islands and Crete. Cloudy weather and snow in Athens, with temperatures between -2C and 2C. Same in Thessaloniki, with temperatures from -6C to -1C.