New Democracy: Council of State ruling seals failure of government’s plan for the media

The Council of State ruling on the tender to award nationwide television licences also formally “condemned” the law “of failed ‘TV Czar’ minister [Nikos] Pappas and the government’s totalitarian plans, which included full control of the mass media,” main opposition New Democracy commented in a press release on Friday.

According to the party, the ruling was a “clearcut victory for democracy and a clearcut defeat for the outgoing government.” Order in the broadcasting sector will be imposed on transparent terms by the constitutionally established agencies of the state, it added.

Regarding the statement from the Digital Policy, Telecommunications and News ministry, ND said it “understood the difficult position that Pappas now finds himself in” and recommended that “he use the weekend to more carefully read the court’s reasoning.”

The opposition Potami party also welcomed the ruling, saying it fully vindicated the party’s position that only the National Council for Radio and Television was empowered to organise a procedure to award television licences. It noted that Pappas had failed in his efforts to become “Supreme TV czar” and fully control the media, adding that “in a normal country he would have gone home”.