New Democracy does not ‘concede social sensitivity to SYRIZA,’ Mitsotakis says

Main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Thesprotia on Thursday morning, following his appearance at ND’s 3rd preconference in Ioannina on Wednesday and a meeting with the Epirus Region governor Alexandros Kachrimanis on Thursday morning.

In statements during the meeting, he said that the preconference had established ND’s presence with regard to social issues and also that “on no account do we concede social sensitivity to SYRIZA.”

He criticised the government for lacking policies based on common sense that do not create hardship for society’s most vulnerable members. He especially attacked Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis over the debacle with the electronic ticket system for Athens public transport, calling it a “monument of insensitivity and failure toward those people that were forced to queue for hours”.

Accompanied by Karchimanis and local mayors, Mitsotakis spoke with livestock breeders in Thesprotia and visited the port of Igoumenitsa.