New Democracy leader Mitsotakis accuses government of a ‘staged divorce’

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, addressing a parliamentary debate that will conclude with the holding of a vote of confidence in the government, spoke of a ‘staged divorced’ between the two partners in the coalition government, with three aims: to extend SYRIZA’s term in power, ratify the Prespes Agreement and help SYRIZA’s former coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) retain its parliamentary group.

Mitsotakis also criticised the prime minister for choosing an serving senior military officer as a defence minister, noting that such a move was unprecedented and had not been adopted by any previous government.

ND’s leader accused the two former government partners of doing everything possible to promote their private political interests, including “dissolving parties, corrupting consciences, trampling on principles and undermining institutions.”

“The political life of the country has been turned into an unbelievable bazaar,” he said.

Referring to the prime minister, Mitsotakis accused him of having mortgaged the country’s future for decades in order to stay in power, adding that he is now plunging the country into an adventure to delay elections for a few more months.”