New Democracy prevailing in 49 of 59 electoral constituencies

The New Democracy party was in the lead in 49 of the country’s 59 electoral constituencies with 57 pct of the vote counted late on Sunday, versus 10 for SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance.

The electoral constituencies where ND was in the lead included the Athens 1st, the North and South Sector of the Athens 2nd, Piraeus 1st, Eastern Attica, Thessaloniki 1st and Thessaloniki 2nd and all constituences in Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, the Peloponnese, North Aegean, South Aegean, and the Ionian Islands.

In Epirus, the party has gained three out of four electoral constituencies, four in five in Eastern Macedonia-Thrace and two of three in Western Greece.

Its biggest lead over SYRIZA are in its traditional “strongholds” in Lakonia (49.84 pct versis 20.28 pct for SYRIZA) and in Serres (49.89 pct versus 20.26 pct).

SYRIZA has prevailed in all four electoral constituencies of Crete, the West Sector of Athens 2nd, Piraeus 2nd, Western Attica, Achaia, Arta and Xanthi. Its lead over ND in Lasithi, Rethymno and Arta is less than 1 pct, however, while ND’s lead in Evia and Ilia is similarly marginal.

ND received its highest percentage in Kastoria (50.48 pct) and Lakonia (50.26), followed by Evrytania (48.31 pct), Serres (47.85 pct), Pieria (46.54 pct), Chios (45.53 pct), Karditsa (45.29 pct) and the North Sector of Athens 2nd (44.58 pct).

SYRIZA’s highest percentages were in Iraklio (43.13 pct), Achaia (40.55 pct), Arta (40.05 pct) and Xanthi (38.67 pct).