New Democracy responds to flyer-throwing protesters at its HQ

New Democracy party reacted on Saturday to the throwing of flyers at its headquarters in Athens by a group of people in support of 17 November terrorist group murderer Dimitris Koufodinas, with a statement pointing out the differences “between a state of law and supporters of unrepentant murderers.”

The ruling party’ statement is as follows:

“To the group of loudmouths who went by the New Democracy offices on Pireos Street to pollute the road with their papers and to express their obscene mottos, we inform them that:

– Koufodinas is not a political prisoner, he is a convicted murderer;
– The little paper they threw that said ‘no statement of repentance’ simply states they agree with his actions;
– As for the motto that ‘the state murders’, we would like to inform them that at this time Koufodinas is in an intensive care unit and the state is taking care of him.That’s the difference between a state of law and the supporters of unrepentant murderers.”