New Democracy’s Dendias: ‘N.D. signifies a wide ideological spectrum’

“If we seek an ideological and political hegemony, we have to dominate the Center, the in-between of the Right and the Left,” said conservative party New Democracy’s Nikos Dendias, speaking on on Sunday, in reply to what he believes should be the aim of the main opposition party.

In detail, Dendias said that “the country needs a large center-Right and a large center-Left, a need which cannot be substituted for by SYRIZA, despite its many attempts to achieve this,” said the former Minister of National Defence, adding that “SYRIZA raised the ‘flag of catharsis’ against all, based only on its embrace of former supporters of Akis Tzohatzopoulos and the symbols of a bad record in public sector contracts,” added Dendias.

Furthermore, Dendias said that by doing all the above, “SYRIZA’s characteristic elements of unreliability and opportunism have become even more apparent.”

As far as New Democracy is concerned, Nikos Dendias said that “the party’s charter principles define a wide political and ideological spectrum, from the constitutional Right to the non-communist Left.”

“Personally, I think,” says Dendias,” that the term ‘conservative’ is not a negative sign, or the opposite to ‘progressive’, as the opposite to progress is regression, to which our great party has no relation,” added Dendias.

“We stand for responsibility and choices of national significance,” Dendias concluded.