New developments over Dimitris Lignadis rape charges

His case is now being considered by the judiciary Dimitris Lignadis, who is facing serious charges because he is charged with the crime of serial rape. In recent days, the investigation of the authorities has intensified, and new testimonies and testimonies have seen the light of day, making up the mystery of this case.

However, the case, as they say, is not the only authoritarian violence in the theater, as in the coming days, investigations of justice are expected to begin in parallel.

Every day stunning elements shed light on the dark side of the theater. The one that some people did everything in their power to hide behind the spotlight, and for many years they managed it. These are people who have tried to take advantage of youthful dreams and ambitions.

But their sad ending ends there, as the role of the protagonist is “stolen” at the last minute by the victims, people who have been sexually abused, as well as people who knew the situations and situations, or others who simply suspected the reprimands. many years without going a step further.

Indicative of the seriousness of the revelations of cruel behavior in the spectacle is the fact that, in addition to Dimitris Lignadis, in the following days, it seems, in the following days there is another famous actor, around which the fence is tightly strengthened.

As for the director, the prosecutor̵s office – as shown in the indictment – attributes to the accused obsession and specific methodology and tries to outline a general profile given his apology on Wednesday, with the latter trying to strengthen the defense of his line addressed to Alexis Kugia.

There are currently three charges of rape: today’s 23-year-old, who said he was the victim of the director in 2015 at the age of 17, 25-year-old Christos P. and Vasilis K., who claims to have been raped at the age of 15 , but an offense that has no statute of limitations.

The testimony that mobilized the authorities, opening the way for the arrest, was, in fact, the testimony of a 40-year-old woman who five years ago belonged to the director’s close circle. According to the information, the woman, who testified in secret for hours before the prosecutor’s office last Friday, allegedly claimed that she knew about the accused’s actions, even saying that he threatened her when he said that he would report.

In 2016, I told him, “I’ll go to the police and give it to you.” He replied, “If you dare to speak, I’ll take the gun and blow you up,” he seems to have told the prosecutor, adding, “When I visited him at home , I sometimes saw young boys and girls leave. “And when I went, some came.”

This testimony was added to already-charged allegations of sexual abuse of underage boys, while immediately after another witness whom the 25-year-old plaintiff offered to inquire not only confirmed complaints about an apartment in Metaxurgio but stated how he was also there.

In particular, he testified that he and other underage boys – including a 25-year-old plaintiff – went to the apartment of the accused, who first offered them alcohol and drugs and then suggested that they all had sex together, which did not happen because that the company is gone.

At the same time, the president of the Association of Greek Actors Spyros Bibilas this morning crossed the threshold of the prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance – as a witness. About an hour later, he came out, saying he now “has the right to speak,” after he had previously been called by a prosecutor to bring to the theater data on sexual violence that had been collected as part of a disciplinary review conducted under the SEI.

He declined to comment on the content of his statement, saying he did not intend to make any statements, saying he did not want to be asked “what I brought and what I did not bring”, commenting that reporters knew what he would present earlier. speaking. the same.

Spyros Bibilas allegedly declared himself incompetent on the issue of complaints and addressed the chairman of the SEI disciplinary council Paschalis Tsarovchas, who will pass through the door of the investigator on Wednesday.

Testimony and materials are considered a particularly important parameter for the development of the investigation, which is officially open to all revelations of authoritarian violence in the theater, but also to the detriment of Dimitris Lignadis. If new information about Dimitris Lignadis appears from the SEI file, which will be passed to the investigator in charge of the case after the criminal assessment.

However, in the last few hours, among the testimonies is the testimony of the actor, who came to the prosecutor and said he wanted to testify.

The singer-actor was not a victim, but he testified about the incidents involving the first plaintiff, and allegedly introduced into the investigation information about the profile and general behavior of the director accused of a crime of serial rape.

Prosecutors are now working to investigate all allegations that fall into their hands, seeking to prevent the statute of limitations.

However, a common secret in the neighborhood of the director were the visits of underage boys to his home. The neighborhood he suspected, the neighborhood was numb, a neighborhood he knew.

“When they told me he was staying in front of me, I fell out of the clouds. He fell out of the clouds.” I saw him with a few young children, but didn’t think anything strange was happening. “I heard from Mamura what they were saying. When he lived there, he had a reputation. Many years ago.” But he did not speak. “I heard and saw, sorry, I apologize.”

“We in the apartment building also saw, but couldn’t respond, something to do.” Testimony from the district of Dimitris Lignadis is appalling. “Children can’t go in at 2 o’clock at night. You can’t do that. Everyone’s small. 14-15. Many times they rang the bells and said I was following Mr. Lignadis.”

According to LIVE NEWS, the tenant of the apartment building tried to ask him about frequent visits to young children. But then he skillfully avoided discussion.

“With the little courage I had, and once I told him‘ My Dimitris, you are raising many children, look what they are. They can’t hurt you. ”He turned and told me,“ It’s off! Lady (…) I don’t know, I know what kids I put in, and in the end it helps them and I teach them lessons. ”And I turned around and told him“ My boy, if you do that volunteer work, congratulations to me. “

You couldn’t do much, it didn’t leave you room. He was very smart. Residents of Dimitris Lignadis’s apartment building often saw little boys coming and going in his house, and in some cases even voices were heard. He justified this by giving theater lessons. “Noise, voices. Many times the tenants complained, but said they were rehearsing.”

He skillfully avoided explanations, even when neighbors found him with a knife on the sidewalk near an old house in Kipsel.

Neighbors often complained about the loud noise and voices they heard from the penthouse on the eighth floor in Metaxarge. “One summer night there was a lot of noise. Young people were dancing, girls were panicking. I went out at 3 at night, shouting, but nothing.”

In order for the director to strengthen his long-distance line in connection with the interrogator’s apology next Wednesday, entrusted the case to Alexis Kuja, which will be with Nicolaas Georgoules.

The well-known lawyer said he would ask to change the date of Dimitris Lignadis’ apology, while he said he would give up legal representation if he was unsure of his innocence.

Speaking to the main MEGA newsletter, he stated that his principle is not to protect moneylenders and pedophiles, but he will investigate a case that has been filed against the famous director.

In fact, as he said, he talked to the client and saw him “very upset”, mainly about what “Mrs. Mendoni said about him”.

According to Alexis Kugia, Dimitris Lignadis pleads not guilty and expects his lawyer to tell who such people are accusing him of, as well as their intentions. He also described the key witness as unreliable, who allegedly provided important accusatory evidence of what was contained in the arrest warrant.