New e-procurement system offers significant savings in state spending

The state achieved significant savings after introducing a national system of e-procurement in 2017, the Greek Economy Minister said on Wednesday.

In a report, the ministry said 2017 was a landmark year for public procurements in Greece following the introduction of a national e-procurement system for tenders worth more than 60,000 euros. The report said that budget savings totaled 19.5 pct in 2017, in comparison with savings of 9.5 pct in 2016 and 8.4 pct in 2015 (representing a reduction of spending of around 190, 46 and 25 million euros, respectively).

The ministry report noted that the e-procurement system is a dynamic system constantly evolving based on the needs and technological developments, while it is also one of the biggest systems in terms of data volume and use and a significant pylon of the country’s digital map.

The ministry said that the basic benefits from the operation of the new system are: modernization of public procurement to the benefit of full transparency of procedures, saving funds and strengthening competition, support, application and use of new models and practices, real time information, open systems accessible to everyone, and the right of immediate access by regulatory agencies.