New hospital on Karpathos island to be operational within 2020

Deputy Health Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis paid a visit to the premises of the General Hospital of Karpathos on Wednesday to discuss the start of its services on the remote island NE of Crete.
Kontozamanis, who met with local political and religious leaders of the island as well, underlining the prime minister’s commitment to the new hospital’s operation within 2020.

According to a ministry statement, personnel from the island’s Health Center has been transferred to the hospital as of August 9, to provide basic services, including those of a microbiology and an X-ray lab. It also has a temporary administration overseen by the director of Rhodes’ General Hospital, while a search for director, at least 6 doctors and the approval of a new budget is in process.

Despite its remoteness, the island has its own airport and attracts returning generations of Greek migrants and other tourists in the summers.