New JMD on state support for protecting primary residences published

A Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) outlining the changes in financial state support to protect primary residence was published in the Government Gazette on Friday. The changes mainly concern the terms and conditions for providing state support in the case of business loans.

According to an announcement by the Special Secretariat for Private Debt, the JMD regulates for terms for eligibility in line with the EU’s ‘de minimis’ regulation for industrial aid for business loans, sets the level of state aid (from 30 pct to 20 pct for business loans and from 20 pct to 30 pct for all other loans), stipulates that the accounts where the subsidy is paid must be dedicated to transfers from the state and payments to the creditor bank, with no other transactions allowed, and deals with sundry other issues relating to deaths, changes of household or income of the beneficiaries and administrative matters.

Members of the public can seek advice and support on applying for state protection of their primary residence from foreclosure at 43 centres to support debtors set up throughout Greece, booking an appointment at the phone number 213-2125730.

The electronic platform where applications for the protection of primary residences are made is now in its 25th week of operation. A total 57,166 users have so far consented to the lifting of their tax and bank information privacy via the platform, 38,073 users have started to prepare an application, 1,249 completed applications have been submitted and forwarded to banks, 315 settlement proposals have been returned by banks, of which 84 have been accepted and the remainder are pending.

State support has so far been approved in 41 cases.