New mayor of Thessaloniki Constantine Zervas sworn in

The new mayor of Thessaloniki, Constantine Zervas, was sworn in on Monday, following the tenure of Yiannis Boutaris.

Also sworn in were the 49 new members of the city council, representing 16 political groups. Seven of them belong to the same group as the mayor.

Zervas visualized Thessaloniki, a city with a history of 2,500 years, as “a city with a metro system, a renovated airport, a port on a growth course, a city with a made-over Thessaloniki International Festival, with rising trends in tourism, with green spaces and urban transportation, a city with modern and safe school buildings, with infrastructure, new playing courts and bicycle paths.”

The inauguration was attended by Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos, outgoing mayor Boutaris, members of parliament, ambassadors and the public, among others.

“Our government is devoted to fully supporting the work of local government, especially in the capital of our Macedonia, the beautiful Thessaloniki,” the minister said. “We are not concerned about who the mayors and councillors are supported by,” he said because the government wants all Greeks to work together regardless of political affiliations.