New regulations for aquaculture in Greece

“The development of aquaculture is a priority of the government”, said in the first teleconference of the National Council of Aquaculture (ESYD), the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Simos Kedikoglou, emphasizing that ways to deal with the consequences are being considered.

In the context of the formulation and implementation of the National Aquaculture Development Program and the institutional reforms required to support the development strategy of the sector, through development – financing programs, the new legislative regulations aimed at the most efficient operation of the sector were presented at the meeting.

“The development of aquaculture is a priority of the government and the prime minister,” said Mr. Kedikoglou in his placement and stressed that the industry in our country has a comparative advantage over the EU, which we must take advantage of. Particular emphasis is given to the tourist utilization of aquaculture, in order to dispel some “myths” about the industry, as has been typically said.

He was also briefed on the key issues facing aquaculture firms regarding the energy crisis, price increases and raw material shortages as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. The deputy minister assured that ways to deal with the consequences of the crisis are being considered.

Finally, he reminded the participants that he will closely monitor the developments in the field of aquaculture and called on all parties to work together creatively to achieve the national goals.