New Rio roundabout open to traffic on Patra-Athens highway

The construction of the roundabout at Rio on the Patra-Athens highway is complete and opened to traffic, the Olympia Odos consortium announced on Monday, publishing adjusted toll booth prices for the whole highway as well.

The eight-way roundabout includes three upper and six lower level crossings, two bridges over Selemnos River, and multiple entrance-exit ramps. It is expected to serve at least 20,000 cars a day, according to the company.

It connects the Peloponnese with the northwest region of Ipiros (through the Rio-Antirrio bridge) and is the main highway to western Peloponnese as well as to Patra, a main port city with ferry links to Italy. It will incorporate reconstructed parts of the old national highway.

The company also announced that new toll prices will go in effect on the Patra-Athens highway as of midnight Wednesday to Thursday (March 7 to 8). The adjustment of toll prices, based on consumer index prices of September 2017, will mainly affect vehicles with 2 or more axles over 2.20 m tall (a rise of about 0,10 euros).

The following is a sample of tolls for cars (per car, in euros).

At the highway toll stations:

– Rio toll station, 2.20 euros

– Kiato, 2.30

– Eleusis, 2.10

At the side road toll booths:

– Kalavryta, 2.40

– Akrata, 1.70

– Kiato, 0.80

– Agii Theodori, 0.50

– Nea Peramos, 1.40