Newly appointed minister Plevris apologizes for anti-Semitic comments spoken 12 years ago

Newly appointed Health Minister Thanos Plevris responded to concerns aired by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) about his appointment, both statements being released on Wednesday.

On Twitter, Plevris wrote: “My respect for the victims of the Holocaust is absolute, and I am opposed to any form of anti-Semitism. I have shown this in many of my public statements in an unquestionable way.”

Plevris continued to say that “KIS’s “objections against my person are understandable, due to my speech at court as defense attorney for my father, whose opinions I completely disagree with.” In his tweet, Plevris said that “I never, however, wanted to offend Jewish people and I apologize if I did. I am sure that with my actions as Minister of Health I will lift the slightest reservation of those who question my respect for the Holocaust, and who will find that I am in no way defined by anti-Semitic sentiments.”

In 2009, Plevris’ father, lawyer Konstantinos Plevris, was taken to court for authoring an anti-Semitic book titled “Jews – The Whole Truth”.

Plevris senior had also in 2020 undertaken the legal defense of MEP Giannis Lagos, a Holocaust denier and politician of the now-disbanded criminal organization and former political party Golden Dawn.

In its statement earlier, KIS said it expected Plevris to “apologize for his comments,” and reproduced excerpts from Thanos Plevris’ court speech in 2009, which contained statements in support of anti-Semitism and remarks such as “How is it possible that one is not allowed to believe and want to believe that ‘I want to exterminate someone’?”