Nielsen: Greek consumer confidence index down in Q2

Greek consumer confidence index fell by one point in the second quarter of 2017 from levels recorded at the end of 2016, Nielsen said in its consumer confidence survey released on Tuesday.

The Greek index eased to 52 points in the second quarter from 53 at the end of 2016. The survey showed that 85 pct of respondents believed that the country will remain in a recession next year, the highest among the 63 countries included in the global survey. Greece ranked first among European countries on labour insecurity with four out of 10 Greece worried about the work, followed by concern on the economy (35 pct) and household debt (24 pct).

Eight out of 10 Greeks are steadily trying to cut household spending, compared with a 56 pct average in Europe, focusing on buying cheaper consumer products (68 pct), cutting spending on entertainment outdoors (66 pct) and clothing (63 pct).

The global consumer confidence index rose to 104 points in the second quarter of 2017, Nielsen said.