Nights spent in Thessaloniki hotels up 5.56 pct

The number of nights spent in the hotels of Thessaloniki rose 5.56 pct to 2,309,617 in 2016 from 2,187,932 the previous year, according to Thessaloniki Hoteliers Union.

The figures refer to trips for business and leisure reasons.

More specifically, the stays of Greek visitors increased 6.83 pct to 1,226,544 and the number of foreign visitors increased 4.16 percent to 1,083,073 stays.

Greeks rank first, up 6.83 pct, followed by Cypriots, up 14.95 pct (141,082), Turks, up 4 pct (81,947) and the Americans, up 0,47 pct, (73,199).