Nikos Pappas: ‘SYRIZA will become the biggest mass party of progressive politics

SYRIZA’s MP and shadow finance minister Nikos Pappas on Monday said that “SYRIZA cannot be a party of young people, of the country’s progressive citizens (…) if it does not have the young people, the progressive citizens in its party congress,” speaking on

“We are talking about the revival of our political body. SYRIZA will become the biggest mass party of progressive politics,” said Pappas and added that “everything and anything can be discussed at a SYRIZA party summit, but our ideas, our course, and the goals we have set are non-negotiable.”

He stressed that the “role of party leaders and high-ranking members is to design a roadmap that will lead to the desired outcome. Not to point at risks, but to plan on solutions.”

On SYRIZA’s role as the country’s main opposition party, Pappas pointed out that (after the July 7 national elections) “31,5 pct of citizens asked SYRIZA to act as an opposition that fights for society with a political program towards that effect, inside and outside Parliament,” Pappas underlined.