Nine tax and customs officials found with unexplained wealth, Public Revenues Authority says

Nine employees of the former general secretariat for public revenues – now the Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE) – have been found to have assets whose origin cannot be explained during audits of their wealth statement by the internal affairs department, AADE announced on Thursday.
The IA department carried out 188 targeted audits of wealth statements between April 1, 2016 and July 27, 2017.

Their findings have been sent to the Court of Audit to assess the damage to the Greek state and to a public prosecutor, to evaluate whether criminal charges should be brought against those involved.
The discrepancies between the assets and declared income of the nine ranged from the sum of 24,000 euros, found in an investigation of a customs officer following a complaint, to the sum of 577,000 euros for a tax official revealed during a targeted audit.

A couple that were both working for the tax office racked up a total discrepancy of 568,000 euros (investigated by order of the Services Inspection Directorate), one customs officer was found with an unexplained sum of 167,000 euros (according to an internal inquiry report), one tax official was found to have an extra 78,000 euros in a targeted audit, a tax official and customs official investigated after a complaint were found to have unexplained sums of 58,000 and 57,000 euros, respectively, while one tax official investigated by order of a public prosecutor had unexplained assets amounting to 55,000 euros.