Ninety migrants trapped on Prassonissi transferred to Piraeus port

Τhe 90 surviving migrants (52 men, 11 women and 27 minors) that were trapped on Prassonissi islet, north of the island of Antikythera, after their sailing boat ran aground on the islet will be transferred to the port of Piraeus by a coast guard vessel on Friday. Eleven of the passengers (nine women and two men) were killed after the boat sank.

Their bodies were found and collected by a Coast Guard vessel with the assistance of a coast guard
diving unit, which conducted an underwater search inside the sunken sailing boat.

According to initial information about the incident, the boat had set sail from the shores of Turkey bound for Italy.

Α second incident in 24 hours involving a boatload of migrants running aground was recorded Thursday afternoon at Gialia, in the municipality of Eastern Mani, Lakonia.

A passing citizen informed the authorities and two police cars sped to the scene from land while a coast guard patrol boat approached from the sea.

According to the Coast Guard, there were were 90 foreign nationals on board the sailing boat “Wave Dancer”, all of them males (including five minors) who lacked travel documents.

Following a coordinated search over rocky and inaccessible ground covering a wide area, authorities located three foreign nationals aged 23, 24 and 28, respectively, who tried to escape. They were arrested and charged as suspected traffickers, as they were recognised by the passengers of the sailing boat as those responsible for their illegal transfer.

No sea pollution was observed at the site of the accident.