Nissan sales up 12 pct in Greece last year

Nissan sales grew 12 pct in Greece last year, totaing 7,289 new passenger cars, compared with 2015,” Marios Barkis, retail manager in Nissan Nik. I. Theoharakis SA told ANA on Thursday.

“2016 was an exceptional year for Nissan, with the company ranking sector in the Greek market with a market share of 9.2 pct,” Barkis said, adding that the company expected this year’s sales to grow further.

The company will launch the new Nissan Micra in a few years in Greece, revolutiolizing customers’ expectations for a reliable car in the B category, introducing a unique mixture of impressive design, new technology with a strong feeling of self-confidence, flexibility and performance and bold colour variety. “Particularly in Greece, the new Micra is “destined” to dominate in its category, especially if we take in view the extraordinary success of its
predecessor,” Barkis said.

He noted that the Greek car market has suffered huge losses in the last seven years, although the market’s negative trend was halted in 2013, presenting a progressive, stable growth trend in the coming years. “In my opinion, this trend will continue on the condition that the country’s economic environment will keep on moving on a stable course,” Barkis said.