No casualties among members of the Greek Community following major earthquake in Mexico

There are no casualties among the members of the Greek Community in the city of Mexico after 7.1 on the Richter scale the president of the community Georgia Boutsiani said on Wedneday in statements to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s radio station Praktoreio 104.9 FM.

No one in the community was hurt, Boutsiani said, adding that she has been in contact with the embassy and the members of the Greek community.

She said that the Mexican authorities have been constantly providing advice and guidance to citizens on what to do. “We have been kept very well informed,” Boutsiani said, adding that the authorities have recommended that citizens avoid streets and remain in safe places.

She also stressed that the public is helping those in need “with food, clothes and bottled water, and private hospitals have opened their doors …”

For relatives who wish to find out more information about family members, Boutsiani provided her mobile phone number, 005217222549194.