No issue of precautionary credit line, says Tzanakopoulos

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos repeated that there was no issue of a precautionary credit line for Greece while speaking on Wednesday to ‘Radio 24/7′. He dismissed as “figments of the imagination” the relevant claims in various recent newspaper reports.

Tzanakopoulos said that the main issue currently under discussion focused on Greece’s growth plan, on which “we hope to agree by April 27”.

Asked about the possibility of a pensions cuts’ freeze from 2019, he said that everything depends on fiscal performance. “The main issue that concerns us is to agree on a comprehensive strategic plan with our partners,” he added. Tzanakopoulos noted that the Greek economy has overperfomed and that this was due to much higher revenues, particularly with respect to the social security funds, while expressing his conviction that Greece’s partners will take this into account.

Referring to the fourth review , Tzanakopoulos said that there is not the right time for delay as the programme is due to end in August and an agreement must be reached by June 21 on the conditions of post-programme surveillance and measures to ease Greece’s debt.

On the possiblity of an incident with Turkey, Tzanakopoulos said that Greece is on full alert and monitoring the situation with concern over the provocativeness displayed by the neighbouring country.