No problem with the Thessaloniki runway, Civil Aviation Authority asserts

Flights to and from the Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” are being carried out normally during the upgrading project, and there are no safety issues with the runway in current use, the Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday (CYA).

In a press release, the CYA said that “the few cancellations or diversions of flights from Macedonia airport to those of Kavala and Athens (…) were made by decision of the airlines themselves, and they had their own reasons.”

The agency added that “flights have been operating normally since November 24, when the current runway 10L-28R was delivered by the Civil Aviation Authority certified and safe in order to be used as the main takeoff and landing corridor for airplanes, during the intense work of upgrading and development carried out at the junction of the two corridors by the Greek state with EU funding.”