No sign of missing migrants in the area of River Evros – Water level exceeds alert threshhold

A rescue operation is going on to locate up to 20 migrants and refugees near the banks of River Evros at Praggio of Didymoteicho.

According to Athens-Macedonian News Agency sources, the rescue team – consisting of four fire engines with a ten-member crew and a special rescue team along with the the local police – started its search late on Tuesday after a call received by the European emergency number 112.

The water level of River Evros remained above the alert threshhold on Wednesday due to the inflow from its tributaries, continuing rainfall and overflow of all the dams in Bulgaria.

Deputy Regional Governor of Evros region Dimitris Petrovic said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), “Approximately 4.5 hundred hectares are under water.”

The alert threshhold at Ferres is 6 metres, and the water level is currently at 6.25m, while at Pythio in Didymoticho the alert level is 5.70m and has currently reached nearly 6.5m.

The local coordination authority of Alexandroupolis is currently in a meeting to evaluate the situation and draft a request to the Political Protection unit of the region to declare the municipalities of Traianoupolis and Ferres in a state of emergency. According to ANA sources, the municipalities of Soufli, Orestiada and Didymoticho are also considering doing the same.