No to divisions in Europe, German FM Gabriel says

Greece is joining with Germany and with all its partners in the European Union to build a prosperous Europe that respects the basic principles and values on which Democracy, the State Law and Social Justice were based, Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Thursday said in a meeting with the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, at the Presidential Palace.

The President stressed that all Europeans need to express our sympathy to the UK people and leadership, and to point out that we will be relentless to phenomena of terrorism against humanity. “Terrorism will not pass. We will defend the People and Democracy against any challenge,” he noted.

Pavlopoulos congratulated Gabriel for Germany’s positions on the future and the course of the EU, stressing that the fact that Germany is determined to fight for the cohesion of Europe renders it one of the key pillars of defending the cohesion of Europe and the European integration, particularly in view of the Rome Summit to be held for the 60-year anniversary of the European Union.

The President referred to the critical situation in our region, the Mediterranean and especially the Aegean, noting that we will implement the Common Foreign and Security Policy and we will take the necessary decisions for the defense of our borders, and the European borders.

On his part, the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel expressed his condolences to the United Kingdom, for Wednesday’s terrorist attack. He stressed that the Europeans must stand next to each other and added that issues that have to do with the security of our borders, terrorism and crime are

Concluding, he stressed the need to make every effort so that in southern Europe, not only in Greece but also in Italy, Spain, young people have a chance again to find work and he also opposed to the division within Europe.