Ten confirmed dead from ‘Norman Atlantic’ – 69 survivors arrive in Greece

The passenger ferry Cruise Europa carrying 69 passengers rescued from Norman Atlantic docked at Greece’s Igoumenitsa port in western Greece on Monday evening.

Of those passengers, 35 are Greek nationals, 7 are Turks and 4 are French, while 46 of those expected to disembark in Igoumenitsa. The rest will continue their trip to Patras.

The rescued passengers will be transferred at a special area at Igoumenitsa’s Port Authority building where they will be examined by a medical team. Authorities have ambulances on standby, in case a passenger is in need of more care.

Meanwhile, the health of the three rescued passengers brought to Corfu with breathing problems earlier in the day is steadily improving, but will remain in hospital until Tuesday as a precautionary measure.

Greece’s shipping ministry, which is responsible for giving all the briefings in Greece that relate to the accident, has requested of the leasing company ANEK a formal count of the number of passengers and crew on the ship.

The request follows the discrepancy in number supplied between Greek and Italian authorities; both countries have only confirmed the number of casualties which total 10 individuals.

A rescue operation to save those on board the burning Norman Atlantic ferry has been underway since Sunday morning, when it sent out a distress call after a fire broke out, while it was sailing in the Adriatic Sea.

Late on Monday, a C-130 carrying another 43 survivors of the “Norman Atlantic” ferry disaster from Lecce and Bari in Italy landed at the Hellenic Air Force base in Elefsina, west of Athens.

The 43 include 40 Greek nationals and three of undisclosed nationalities.