North Macedonia issues IDs with country’s new official name

North Macedonia began issuing new police identification cards as of Monday that incorporate the country’s new constitutional name, Republic of North Macedonia.

The citizenship listed on the new IDs is “Macedonian / Citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia”, and it is listed in both Slavic, the official language, and English.

For citizens of Albanian descent, their IDs will include the Albanian language, while for those from smaller minorities, their native language will also be included, per their request.
The new IDs were issued through a government act rather than a law, as a small party in parliament has tabled nearly 1,500 amendments to a related draft bill by the government, in order to block its vote.

In July, the government of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev issued new passports under the country’s new official name.

The issuing of both passports and IDs with the country’s new name is an obligation of North Macedonia under the provisions of the Prespes Agreement, signed with the Greek government in June 2018.