Not one euro more of austerity, gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos says

The programme review will be concluded for the first time without additional fiscal cost, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said in an interview with public broadcaster ERT TV.

He underlined that as important it is to have the programme review concluded as soon as possible, it is equally important to reach a comprehensive agreement right now.

“For the first time there will be no fiscal cost at all. Overall, there will be not one euro more of austerity,” he said and cleared out that this does not mean the end of austerity.

He expressed the government’s hope for a technical staff level agreement by the Eurogroup on March 20 and stressed the importance of an overall agreement that will include medium term measures on debt. “We are not allowed to make once again the same mistake. We should not reach a whatever agreement under the pressure of time to conclude the programme review and restore stability in the Greek economy. The issue of the Greek debt should not remain unresolved or it will appear again in three, four or five months.”