Novartis case file points to kickbacks worth 50 mln euros, prosecution sources say

Evidence pointing to the payment of kickbacks amounting to roughly 50 million euros is contained in the case file that was sent to parliament on the Novartis case, prosecution sources indicated on Tuesday.

According to the sources, the case file regarding the 10 political figures sent to parliament contains the testimony of 20 people, including that of three protected witnesses, on numerous bribes given between 2006 and early 2015 that reach a total of 50 million euros.

According to the case file, some 40 million euros changed hands for vaccines alone before 2010 and was shared out between just three politicians.

Prosecution sources said that a total of 30 individuals were involved in the bribery, including high-ranking officials such as former ministry general secretaries, advisors, ministers’ associates, directors of public organisations and former members of committees setting medicine prices.

The prosecutors are continuing to investigate charges of money laundering against a number of other individuals, such as doctors, middlemen and others.

Investigators have calculated that the total damage incurred by the state as a result of the illegal practices of pharmaceutical companies after 2000 is in the region of 23 billion euros while the damage specifically involving Novartis amounts to 3.0 billion euros.